Tanya Lee

Art and Costume Design

Finding ones true voice and expression as an artist can take many forms. Tanya Lee Yarrow has found her voice through the brighter sides of life.


From humble beginnings, Tanya grew up throughout Montana’s tiniest of towns that speckle the big sky state. From West Glacier to Rock Creek, she found herself surrounded by some of the most beautiful wilderness in the world but still dealt with everyday struggles at home. Her time spent running through the trees and creeks has settled its way into her heart as a remembrance of simpler times, a time where things moved slower, and the whole world was her inspirational playground.

Tanya’s artwork reflects those experiences with flares of her organic surroundings and elegant yet intricate themes. As an artist she has found passion not only in one medium. With no formal education in art, she started off with a pen and paper as many do.  However, this soon spawned into a multitude of colors and figures as she quickly found herself behind large canvases creating scenes of creatures from other worlds. As her passion progressed she became engulfed within the music communities around the country, curating set designs for local art vendors and an array of costumes for stage performers. In Tanya’s most current endeavors she has found her canvas growing to such a scale that she has ventured beyond the frame and easel and onto murals that are taking her community by storm.





Mural creations for the stages. (Haugan, MT)


- JULY 13th


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